After completing my Master’s degree, I mainly translated from French, German, and Italian, working inhouse at one of the UK’s largest dictionary publishers, HarperCollins. I spent nearly two decades working as one of the main lexicographers on bilingual dictionaries aimed mainly at the student and translator market.

Fifteen years ago, however, I married a Dane, and so I added Danish to my list of working languages.  In 2009, I set up Complexli Limited with my husband and business partner. For the next decade, I continued with my lexicographic and proofreading work both on HarperCollins titles and other dictionaries, for example the Orkney Dictionary in a more freelance capacity while branching out into other language fields such as copyediting, proofreading, and translation. Over the years I worked on many texts for Danish clients, including the three largest Danish universities.

Recently I set up a new company, Engelskeksperten.

In many ways Engelskeksperten is a continuation of Complexli Limited. After relocating to Denmark in 2019, mainly due to Brexit, I had to close down the old company based in the UK, but I am of course bringing all my experience with me to the new one. Over and above translating, I have experience copyediting fiction, academic writing, school books, dictionaries, websites, questionnaires etc…